Over 70 Years of Experience in Producing Noodles

Tamaya Noodle Manufacturing Ltd, one of the leading noodle manufactures

in Yamagata, Japan,has been producing noodles

such as udon (wheat noodle), soba (buckwheat noodle) and pasta since 1949, with the gifts of Mt. Gassan famous for fine water,

designated as one of the 100 Best Natural Waters in Japan.


About us

seeds of Soba

Pursuit for Flavour & Texture


For customers to enjoy soba flavor at max. even after boiled, we are making special efforts;
1)grinding the soba seeds with stone mills in-house
2)only using the soba flour within 12 hrs. after grinding
3)slow drying in low temperature

Slow drying is also adopted for pasta production, to make the texture close to fresh pasta after boiled.


For Food Safety


All the ingredients are carefully selected to ensure high quality and traceability, keeping a close contact with famers. Our policy is not to use food additives.

New Challenge


With long experience and know-how in Japanese noodles, we have expanded our production to pasta and developed “Art Pasta ,” a short pasta series with precise and beautiful shape, which is now gaining many fans in Japan and overseas.