Established in 1949.

From the abundant gifts received from sacred Mount Gassan, we manufacture noodles that exuberate the power of the ingredients.

From Yamagata, we bring delicious noodles that bring smiles to the table around all of Japan.

Please consider our product as a gift for someone precious, or to bring the taste of local food to your home.


About us

seeds of Soba

Commitment of noodle production


Utilizing water and climate, which are gifts from the abundant nature of Mount Gassan, we make our noodle products with great care to bring out the original power of the ingredients.
Our noodle production continues to evolve together with handed down traditional skills.


Selected ingredients


Great noodles are made from great ingredients
Praise and rejoice in the local environment
We use ingredients that are safe and delicious, we also know where the ingredients come from and who grew them.

The history of Tamaya Seimenjo


Established in 1949.
Our noodle production started from “udon” made from flour harvested by local farmers.