【In FY2023, we were selected as one of the 300 small and medium-sized businesses that will flutter  2023年度 はばたく中小規模事業者300社 に選ばれました】

Mar 18th, 2024

Tamaya Seimen Factory has been selected as one of the “300 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Small Businesses” selected by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

We will do our best to help revitalize the local economy as much as possible.

Thank you for your continued support.

2023年度 はばたく中小企業・小規模事業者300社 | 中小企業庁 (meti.go.jp)




2023年度 はばたく中小企業・小規模事業者300社 | 中小企業庁 (meti.go.jp)


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