【The new product “Children of the Forest” 新商品 「森の子たち」 】

Mar 4th, 2024


The new product “Children of the Forest” will go on sale on March 16, 2024.

It is a macaroni made with the technology that Tamaya Seimen is proud of, and is shaped like a mushroom that is a mountain delicacy. You can enjoy the shape of “maitake”, “mushroom”, “enoki”, and “shiitake”, which are also actively cultivated in Yamagata. It contains powdered “mushrooms”, “shiitake mushrooms”, and “Yamabushi mushrooms”, and is a macaroni that allows you to enjoy the flavor of mushrooms. By drying at low temperature for a long time, it does not lose its shape even when boiled, and has a chewy texture. You can enjoy “mushroom picking” at the dining table.
The cute mushroom pasta, which was born from Yamagata, the wild vegetable kingdom, is recommended to take advantage of the flavor of the soup and serve it as it is in soup or gratin.




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