Gassan soba
1bag (180grams)

JPY 160

The origin of Tamaya Seimenjo, Gassan soba is our essence of dried noodle that has been passed down since becoming established.

Gassan soba is our most historic dried noodle.

Although it is 30 percent soba, it is popular for its taste that never grows old.

It is a staple food that can be eat every day.

This soba has been loved for many years as a standard symbol of Tamaya Seimenjo.

Category dried noodle
Number of meals 2
Contents 180grams(90grams x 2bundles)
Ingredients Wheat flour (manufactured in Japan)、Buckwheat flour、Salt
Amount of buckwheat flour 30%
Noodle color White Black
Noodle thickness Thin Thick
Texture Soft Hard
Boil time about 6 minutes
Best before 10 months from month of manufacture
Preservation method Please store it in a cool, dark place to avoid direct sunlight.
Please consume as soon as possible after opening the package.
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